Thursday, June 12, 2008

The situation for Christian leaders

Christian leaders are sometimes at a loss as to help parents educate their children from home. They see two things occurring that they would like to help:

  1. The integration of these families into the family of families, the church, so all of the congregation can benefit from their commitment to strong family life; and
  2. The lack of well-structured, rigorously academic learning by parents doing the best they know how.
Many Christian leaders believe parents won’t be involved in their child’s education and prefer to have someone else in charge. They are right, and that is why we need full-time Christian schools.

Life is changing very quickly as we rocket out of the industrial era into the age of electronics and global technologies. The church has historically been a major support and resource for families disheveled by the loss of jobs in dying industries and by the need to prepare the next generation to love learning and living for Christ.

Unfortunately, during the twentieth century, Christendom has looked to the state, rather than believers, to train up children in the way they should go. The result has been a loss of Christian culture and the rise of many questions looking for practical, Biblical answers.

Consider that since the church relinquished education to the state, the quality of American education has declined.

We know that Satan wouldn’t want our children to be able to hide God’s Word in their heart. Is it any wonder that the state no longer teaches children to memorize in school?

Evil hopes we are without a defense for what we believe. Is it any wonder that logic and catechism are no longer taught in school?

The world rejects man as being made in God’s image. So, we let unbelievers neutralize math and science, the languages of creation, as markers of God’s glory.

Christian leaders and educators grappling with church-based education in the context of effective teaching methods, emerging technology and globalism, and equipping parents need concrete options that are easy to implement.

The church knows that parents are to pass a Christian heritage to their children, yet we no longer equip parents with the academic tools to do so.

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