Monday, July 21, 2008

About this blog...

If you have been reading my blog, you might wonder why I'm calling it "One Smart Mama." Here's why:

I have a blog called 1 Smart Mama because I travel around the country telling people, mostly mothers, that they are smart enough to learn anything. Mothers constantly feel guilty, whether they do too much or not enough for their kids. And then our culture confirms their inadequacies by telling them their offspring are better off raised by professionals, further eroding the confidence of women to be the best mothers they can be.

Well, I know the truth. Mothers and fathers are certainly smart enough to train their own children to learn anything they want to learn and to become productive adults marked by integrity and wisdom. C’mon! You can do it! You’re 1 Smart Mama!

Education is a big part of being a smart mama, but there's also much more! So, I want to use this blog to share with you more than just smart ways to educate. Let's talk about what being a "smart mama" looks like every day, with all the messes, laughs, and fun that go along with it.

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