Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I want to see your faces!

One Smart Mamas - I want to see your faces!

I want the whole world to see your faces, so I’ve set up a 1 Smart Mamas Group. I’d love for you to join the group and add your pictures. Here’s how you do it.
  • First, join Flickr. It’s totally free.
  • Add your favorite, most representative picture to your Flickr photostream.
  • Next, follow this link to the 1 Smart Mamas group on Flickr. Click “Join This Group,” and join away!
  • Go back to your mug shot in your photostream, click “Send to Group” and send it to the 1 Smart Mama group.
That’s it! It’s really easy!


P.S. Connect with other folks in CC!! If you're on Facebook, look for the Classical Conversations Alumni *official* group.

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