Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cooking...from 1 Smart Mama to another

One thing about 1 Smart Mamas - they are incredibly busy people. And so, we have to come up with ways to get everything done and still keep the home running smoothly and the family fed.

I don’t cook. So my husband usually makes a hot breakfast and my boys have learned to make lunch for themselves. We just kind of scrounge around the cabinets for dinner or go out to eat.

Sometimes I feel guilty about not cooking. There’s that guilt again. I should be smart enough to know that two good meals a day with a light dinner is a good thing. Well, I felt guilty this week and stumbled upon an easy recipe that those of us who are smart enough to be gourmet chefs but too lazy to follow a recipe may enjoy.

Chicken a la Leigh. - Buy a whole chicken. Take it out of the plastic wrapping and wash out the insides. Throw away the gizzards because thinking about what to do with them would be too much like cooking. Throw the clean chicken in a covered crock pot and cover with a bottle of barbeque sauce. Cook for 4 hours on high. I don’t know how to use low because that would mean it takes more time.

Serve with a bag of good bread, microwaved Bird Eye Steamfresh veggies, and a bag of mixed greens that your 10-year-old threw into a bowl. Have your 12-year-old put salad dressing and butter on the table.

Eat outside on paper plates and you’ll feel like 1 Smart Mama as the chicken disappears.


Anonymous said...

a perfect use for that whole chicken that has been taking up room in my freezer for about 3 years now. ha.
I'm going to try it...tomorrow...if I remember to take it out of the freezer.

Anonymous said...

My smart mama tip...
Gordon's Food Service has a case of ready made pizza crusts (24) for about $15. Buy these and keep pizza toppings on hand for a quick meal. :-)

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

ok, you are too funny. Now, the next question...what are you doing with the left over chicken? C.O.S.T. cooking...cook once, serve twice. De bone that chicken and have the boys throw it in a tortilla with cheese and salsa (and any other fun things you have on hand) and you have two meals done in 2 days.:)