Monday, August 25, 2008

Tip of the Week #1 - Cooking

Drum roll, please...

For the cooking tip of the week, I've picked this great idea for a meal exchange, suggested by okcyndi:
This year at Classical Conversations, I'm going to start a meal exchange. Anyone who wants to participate can bring an entree, and she can take one home from another mom. I'll specify size of entree (serves 8), and folks with very large families can bring two and take home two. (actually anyone can bring any amount that they'd like and take home the same number.) When cooking, it's simple to double a recipe, so this kind of exchange will give you two meals for the work of one meal! I also thought it would be a great community-builder and just plain fun!
Thanks also for the great ideas from Jen - balancing beauty and bedlam:
C.O.S.T. cooking...cook once, serve twice. De bone that [leftover] chicken and have the boys throw it in a tortilla with cheese and salsa (and any other fun things you have on hand) and you have two meals done in 2 days.:)
...and carol ivkovich:
My smart mama tip...Gordon's Food Service has a case of ready made pizza crusts (24) for about $15. Buy these and keep pizza toppings on hand for a quick meal. :-)
Thanks for sharing your ideas! You are all such smart mamas! Stay tuned for the next "tip of the week" topic, appearing tomorrow...

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