Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tip of the Week - Cooking

You've given me a fun idea. Instead of me talking all the time, why don't you take a turn? Post your 1 Smart Mama "tip of the week," and we'll choose one of the best to post on this site. If you like this idea, we'll try a different theme every week or every other week.

Since this is the first time, let's make it a little longer than a week, so you have time to come up with a great idea.

So, between now and next Friday, August 22, write in with your 1 Smart Mama tip for cooking. This can be a recipe, a time or money-saving idea, or a way to make mealtime fun for your family.

I'm excited! Now let's get cooking...

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Anonymous said...

This year at Classical Conversations, I'm going to start a meal exchange. Anyone who wants to participate can bring an entree, and she can take one home from another mom. I'll specify size of entree (serves 8), and folks with very large families can bring two and take home two. (actually anyone can bring any amount that they'd like and take home the same number.)

When cooking, it's simple to double a recipe, so this kind of exchange will give you two meals for the work of one meal! I also thought it would be a great community-builder and just plain fun!