Friday, September 5, 2008

Making Pledges

As you have probably seen, the news has been full of politics the last few weeks, with the Republican National Convention this week and the Democratic last week.

On Wednesday, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska accepted the GOP nomination for vice president. (You can find the transcript through NPR).  Like the other speakers, she made some strong claims about what a president should be. 

With all the political speeches buzzing in your ears, think about how seriously politicians have to pledge to serve the U.S. and its people.  Now imagine if parents stepped forward to make those kinds of vows to our families - to our children. 

For example...Do you think about the word "victory" in your relationship with your family? Or are you focused on the discouraging parts? Do you see your job as a parent as more than just an "organizer"?  Are you willing to fight for your family? Are you the same person when you are with company and when you are with family?  Do you treat your children with the "compassion that comes from having once been powerless"?

Think about it for a minute.  Here's a quote from Palin's speech
"From the inside, no family ever seems typical. That's how it is with us. Our family has the same ups and downs as any other — the same challenges and the same joys. Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge."
Parents often say they would die for one of their children, yet somehow they are unwilling to live with them. Do we embrace Orwell’s 1984 picture of women just being baby machines who then hire low income workers to monitor the results? Or are we parents given the honorable task of raising children to be useful to mankind by sharing our lives with them?

So, as you face the challenges and joys of family life during this election season, think about the commitment it takes to run a country.  And then ask yourself, is the commitment it takes to grow a family to love the Lord any less?


Jennifer said...

Leigh - I really liked what you posted here. It has really made me think about my commitment to my family. And also to think of it in a different light. So many days, I am just going through the motion - trying to get things done, that I forget to stop and enjoy what is really important.

Thanks for your writings. As always, I enjoy them!


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

A resounding...NO....the commitment is absolutely no less!!

Unknown said...

Wow, well said. As I question my decision to homeschool on a regular basis, it is posts like yours that confirm I have made the right choice and need to press on. The prize and the 'harvest' will be worth every effort and every bad day one hundred fold!

Mary@notbefore7 said...


I am a new CC tutor and parent this year. My oldest is in kindergarten. So thrilled to find you are a fellow blogger!

( ; are my "home bases" in the blog world)

I really needed to read this tonight! My verse this year is Galations 6:9 and your thoughts hit the nail on the head in my life right now. Thanks!