Friday, October 24, 2008

Redefining and Refining the Foundations

With the economy at the forefront of our minds today, I am reminded how much the decisions to homeschool is tied to our understanding of what it means to work and learn.

Change is afoot, as Business Week and other magazines show more and more advertisements with parents working on computers with small children around their feet reading or coloring. Historically, jobs didn’t exist as much as a wide array of daily tasks to complete.

Moderns ask one another what they do when they mean to ask, "Where do you work?" Can you imagine asking Davy Crockett or Patrick Henry where he worked? They worked where the task required – mostly at home. Global technologies offer us an opportunity to return to this way of thinking.

As the economy changes, our paradigm also has to change. It is a big shift to think of working at a business as a couple, befriending your neighbors instead of coworkers, and including your children in your daily tasks. Choosing to center your children's education at home requires a similar shift in thinking.

When people talk about home schooling, one of their assumptions is that we don't "go to school." Well, they're right. But that's not exactly what they mean. They have trouble separating the idea of education from the building where it takes place.

That's one of the reasons I like the phrase "home-centered learning" better than "home schooling." We learn from home rather than strictly at home. In the future, more and more families may also work from home.

A lot of people find that scary.  My husband and I are so excited by our ability to both be at home while our children are young. We want to help many other families enjoy the same opportunity. 

Our response to these changes has everything to do with perspective (or rather, the foundation we have built our perspective on). 

Over time, if  life feels like we are drowning in quicksand, we may discover that we need surer thoughts on which to stand. When that happens, the only thing we can do is make our way back to the Rock who never changes.

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