Thursday, December 25, 2008

Catching Flying Squirrels

It's Christmas Day and I've learned why parents pay $1000s so their son can get a BS in Building Sciences - to catch gliders (aka flying squirrels) that are trapped in your basement ceiling.

Here are the 3 Amigos contemplating how to catch a glider with a golf club. Together they weigh almost 400 pounds. I wonder how many ounces a glider weighs?

Here are the wires that held the bucket full of nuts under the escape hatch made in the ceiling tile.

Then General Confusion (aka John) led his troops into battle.

Now the beast has been conquered...

...and I probably have to buy a cage, and climbing facility, and food, and breastfeed the thing each night. Whose pet is this anyway? Today's Christmas. I bought you a mind numbing XBox. Can't you just play it and leave the squirrel and me alone? PTL!

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Anonymous said...

very funny, Leigh. I am finding myself in the same spot with Eastern Fence Runners which breed like mice in our back woods. We have a never ending supply of them to fill up every available cage in the house. I am reading through you back posts that i've missed while I wait for the registration process to finish so I can join in on the blog radio show! but it's taking forever...
Jennifer Nevarr