Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cedar Hill Landing, Murrell's Inlet, SC Review

We enjoyed a lovely dinner in Murrell's Inlet, SC at the Cedar Hill Landing Restaurant.
Notice the beautiful view of the inlet...

...and the romance of the abandoned boats.

It appears to be a great view- a charming place to eat. By the way, My Mystery Man is in the center of the photo below. You won't see his face very often. John is in the ball cap and William is on the other side. David was enjoying some great sweet potatoe fries while I took this picture. Robert hadn't joined us yet as he had to work another day.

But something's foul in Denmark!

Could it be the piles and piles of oysters and dead sea life at our feet?

In spite of the smell, which actually only soured occasionally, the food was great! OH! OH! There is My Mystery Man's face only partially obscured by sunglasses.

One of my first jobs when I was 12 was to catch softshell crabs and sell them around my neighborhood. These were delicious! Brought back old memories of growing up on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, MD. I especially enjoyed the She Crab soup.

The company, the food, the service, the weather, and the view were wonderful. My gang of seafood lovers gave Cedar Hill Landing a 5/5 even though the women's room door was accidently locked and we smelled lots of dead fish. That means we all want to go back to eat there again. By the way, Huntingdon State Park is nearby with alligators and an old plantation to visit. Plus there are lots of bike paths among the marshes and creeks. Worth a day trip whenever you visit Myrtle Beach about 20 miles north of the Inlet.
Call 843.652.8706 to see if they are open as hours change seasonally.

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