Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wars and Carpets

It’s Christmas break for our family, but since there are still 24 hours in a day to redeem, we manage to get math lessons completed, Latin declensions memorized, maps drawn, and music practiced most days.  Since it is dark early, the boys play flashlight tag with their school friends before dinner each night.  This is what it would look like if they were playing with Mel Gibson and the creepy emperor from the movie Gladiator instead of Pierce and Andrew from the neighborhood.
Our youngest son, David, plays basketball. Finding shoes for his very wide feet provides a monthly challenge now that he is in his growth spurt. I buy them from New Balance online store since they always have a sale on wide shoes that actually fit him. Now I get more emails from New Balance then from my grown children.

Warhammer figurines are designed and painted throughout the day. The boys’ attention to fine details like eyebrows and scars makes the expensive figurines worth it. When the weather turns cold like this week, I enjoy watching the boys and their friends design bridges and forts and various terrains for battle. If you have young children, you’ll probably not want to buy into this series. Fortunately, you can repaint the figurines many times.

David is fascinated with the webcam as you can see here. He looks like he’s going to shoot himself in the eye like the boy in the classic A Christmas Story. I don’t recommend the movie, but it seems like we laugh at it every year. It’s the kind of show you leave on in the background while painting Warhammer.

We are working on remodeling part of our warehouse into a film studio for training videos for Classical Conversations. So the boys spent a day painting and hauling furniture. William and I found a dumpster full of new clean commercial carpeting that had been cut into 3 foot strips. So we hauled it over to the warehouse. Though unlimited carpeting was a great gift, the better gift was working with William as we laughed about dumpster diving for treasure. I am so thankful I get full long days with my family.

- Leigh

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