Thursday, December 18, 2008

Filling Busy Pre-Christmas Days

Last week was a very productive week. As you can see, here I’m sitting on my porch working on my doctoral thesis. It’s due by March and I’m trying to finish by Jan. 1.

Do you recognize any of the clutter on my desk? If you can name the orange and black book, I’ll send you an email identifying you officially as 1 Smart Detective.

Jen Greenholt is helping me with the technical aspects of formatting the thesis. Jen was in CC for 3 years of high school and her mom, Pam, continues to tutor Challenge I for us. 

Jen is helping CC as an editor as she prepares and applies for grad school. She loves literature and language; she is a tremendous help to all of CC. If you recognize Jen’s name, it may be because she wrote the Words Aptly Spoken series for Challenge.

William continues to work on his Warhammer movie and short story for 2nd semester Challenge B Short Stories seminar. He’s messing around with changing still photos into a motion picture. He’s spending as much time working on the editing credits as the movie itself. So far he has just over a minute of film and a lot of ending credits like:

A William Bortins Production
Directed by William Bortins
Animation by William Bortins
Scenery by William Bortins
Etc., etc.

If he gets his movie posted, I’ll send you a link. In the meantime, here is one of his sets and some of his figurines.

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