Monday, December 22, 2008

Make a Joyful Noise

Many of you have heard me say that I am deficient in music and I can’t wait to tackle that field of knowledge. I covet knowing how musicians meet God. He seems so intimate when I sing praises to Him, that I know there’s even more joy to come. 

Well, I have amazing friends. The moms in my CC Community have been good to invite me in their musical adventures this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed being included. They stuck their neck out and bought me a keyboard for Christmas, a good keyboard with all the pedal options and properly weighted keys. 

I even took a music seminar on chord reading with Jody Harvey. Jody is an amazingly talented woman who will be leading some of our Latin and Logic retreats this winter. She has been working with CC in many capacities for 6 years and really understands the classical model. 

Here's a (small) picture. My head is moving either because William is not a very good photographer yet, or because I was really into the music.

My boys already can play guitar, so they have joined me in practicing on our new keyboard each day. We’re just in the "pluck out the melody and play some accompanying chord stage," but it sure is fun. 

I remind myself of Lady De Bourg in Pride and Prejudice saying she would have been a prodigious pianist if she had just put her mind to it. I will be a prodigious musician if I can just put my mind to it. After Christmas.

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