Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Relational Giving - Art Auction for India

Our family is working on giving gifts that enhance and build our relationships with each other, the needy, and the body of Christ.

We went to the beach and sat at a sunny picnic table and made Kitty Kat greeting cards together. On February 13, Classical Conversations is having an ART AUCTION to raise donations for Christian house schools in northern India. $1000 pays for a teacher's salary, classroom, electricty, heat, food, uniforms, and educational materials for 28-30 students of children who would have no education otherwise for ONE YEAR!

These students' parents don't teach basic academic skills at home because they have not been taught to value education. Local pastors and their wives offer to educate these children, often at their own expense. Since Christian education is state controlled in most places, these families are really sacrificing to offer an explicitly Christian education. We want to join them as partners as they reach remote villages for Christ. So, create some art, send artauction@classicalconversations a 1000 x 1000 pixels (or about) photo and we'll pay to include it on Ebay for our art auction. Send a brief story to share your family's faith and how you created the art.

Children in schools all over America hold auctions where parents make donations for their own children's schools. We are carrying the auction to a national audience of bidders on Ebay, but will donate the money to the truly needy instead of our own families. So tell every one you know to type Classical Conversations into the Ebay search engine on Friday, February 13, 2009 and generously support the efforts of young children to give to other young children.

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