Monday, December 29, 2008

Retreats and Advances

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Parents who intentionally educate their children are concerned about what to teach and how to keep the task enjoyable. I keep up my enthusiam as a mom and a life-long learner by taking classes and meeting with my friends to discuss certain topics in-depth. This may seem obvious, but busy moms often forget to develop their own brain and reinvigorate their souls. We receive so much energy while engaging the minds of kindred spirits in lively discussions.

Here is a picture of the CC Retreat house where many of our trainings have been held.
Let me encourage you to attend a Classical Conversations Retreat. We really should call these times of fellowship and learning Advances as the purpose is to advance the kingdom of God through families that love Him with their whole minds. So, we offer opportunities for parents, women in particular, to advance their knowledge of subjects we love or are learning to love. As adults, we are dialectic thinkers and it is very enjoyable to merge new grammar into "Huh! I get it!" moments while thinking with a new friend. Iron sharpening iron doesn't always have to be hard.

It is very invigorating to discuss the great classical conversations of mankind on our porch. We are surrounded by trees and a golf course, so it is very quiet and peaceful.

Feasting of ideas must be accompanied by feasting on food. Here's the kitchen where lots of salads, casseroles, and deserts are prepared. The house has many dining areas inside and out. Meals are a great time for smaller groups to dig deeper.

So the Retreats we are offering in January through February are listed below. The March-April schedule is being developed. Feel free to post suggestions. We are also concerned that Friday-Sunday Retreats don't work for everyone. Also post if you'd be interested in attending a Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon Retreat. Retreats cost $200, which includes room, food, and facilitator's fees.

January 9 and February 6, Mock Murder Mystery Weekend - plan to prosecute or defend Widow Barbara. Did she murder her husband or did the maid really do it? Bring the Mock Trial Notebook purchased from our sponsor

January 16 and February 13, Logic in a Weekend - join Jody Harvey as she takes you through the logical Square of Opposition. This retreat will benefit our Practicum speakers as they prepare to lead 1000s of parents through logic this summer. Jody Harvey, long time CC tutor and diligent Latins student, enjoys teaching her three high school students Latin. She has been homeschooling for 15 years and is a great resource for anyone trying to understand how to teach classically.

January 23 and February 20, Latin in a Weekend - join Jody again as you figure out how to use declensions, conjugations, and a glossary to translate a whole lot of Latin.

January 30 and February 27, Reading Jane - all Austen fans are invited to indulge in 2 days of just Jane. Led by me, we'll improve our Socratic discussion skills while pouring over some of the best dialogue ever written.

The constant attention to my own learning keeps me constantly excited about my children's learning. Creation offers so much, and I don't want them to miss any of it!

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Autryville said...

As a 3rd year CC mom, I didn't know there were retreats! Guess I should explore the website a little better.:) NC would probably be too far, though, how about having some retreats a little further north?

Enjoying your blog! I started blogging, but it just wasn't working at the time. Maybe in the future?


Classical Conversations said...

Here's the link to get you started with some more information!

Also, to talk to someone about your idea for retreat locations, email



Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Leigh - looks like you have a great line up coming up. I am getting ready to plan our CC ladies beach weekend...always a blast.
Hope you're doing well.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

hi Leigh - Can you switch your twitter link in the sidebar so it links directly to your 1 Smart Mama site? Now it just takes you to twitter and it's a challenge to find you. :)

Classical Conversations said...

Done! The link in the text (not the logo) now points to my page. Let me know if you have any more trouble reaching it.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Heathershomescool said...

Happy New Year my friend! I hate I am going to miss your first lunch date. I have a lunch date myself with my own mystery man!

The retreats look great! Do we just sign up on the CC website or through you?

<>< Heather Tomberlin

Classical Conversations said...

You can go to the CC website, or if the link isn't working, go to the bookstore website,, and click on the blue button that says "retreats."