Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Constitutional Reconstruction

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As I prepared for the interview with Mike Huckabee, I stumbled upon an astonishing fact. Then I realized I was foolish to be astonished. Being a classical educator, I began by studying source documents, specifically, the Arkansas and North Carolina Constitutions. I knew they'd be different since our states were formed in different eras, and I wanted to ask Mike what happened on the road from 1776 to 1874.

The growth of government was definitely apparent when I studied the two documents, but I was immediately side-tracked by my own state's shenanigans. I keep a copy of the NC 1776 Constitution around for reference. Turns out the NC legislature keeps a copy of the 1971 Constitution around. In fact, it's been rewritten 3 times! Of course all versions were put to the people for a vote, so I really can't complain. I just need to get with the times, and refer to the newest version.

In 1776, the NC Article 1, Section 15 Education reads," The people have a right to the privilege of education, and it is the duty of the State to guard and maintain that right." That's it! No nothing mandated. Just protect citizens when they try to educate themselves.

In 1971, now Article 9, Sections 1-8 takes two pages to print and mandates free public schools for everyone. It even says that universities should be "as far as practicable (sic), be extended to the people of the State free of expense." Our newest governor won partly because she ran promoting free universities for all in NC. Reading the newest version makes me want to give up. There's no way to win this battle. It's just too big! How can I convince my fellow citizens that they should pay for the training of their families' minds when everyone is telling them it should be free...I must be a fool not to take the money of other people. Surely the majority is right!

But here I am, waking to another day when I'll drill math facts, latin declensions, logic truth trees, and musical chords with my two tweens. We'll read Romans, and Lord of the Rings, and the stories of Valley Forge. We'll clean the garage, cook meals, and clean up Christmas decorations. My husband and boys will exchange many hugs, talk sports, and answer math questions. The boys will work out, mess with the dog and the squirrel, and play Xbox with a friend.

Who cares about any stupid ole constitution anyway? I have a whole family. Why would anybody in leadership want to mandate families to spend the better part of their day in separate institutions? It really is time to find different leaders.

Lord, help me as my children grow away from me and towards you, to effectively turn my attentions to families who want to find a way back home.

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asnipofgoodness said...

Wow Leigh, great post. i feel your passion!!! I really don't get why everyone doesn't want to be with their children.....I can't imagine anything else!!