Monday, January 26, 2009

An Encouraging Word

Do you ever struggle with feeling inadequate? You’re not alone! Because bringing up children to know the Lord is hard, we all need the support and encouragement of community (Romans 1:12).

So, I like to share the encouraging words that readers and listeners send to me. This is from a conversation between Karen, who helps me with the planning and day-to-day business of CC, and one of our listeners, Brittany. Brittany says,
We have begun our second semester with CC, and it has been an incredible help to me. [...] I have listened to hours of [Wilson's] sermons and talks and read many of his books as well as his wife's. I am a huge fan of Credenda/Agenda, Canon Press, and ACCS. I have come to find that what you say is true: every parent feels his or her inadequacy. I think that is why so many do not attempt it. We are all responsible for our children's education; we will answer to the Lord for it. When a school is involved, that does not take away a parent's responsibility. I have heard Wilson say that sharing the burden is helpful and desirable.

I am very thankful for the community, accountability, rich curriculum, practicums, and testing [through CC]. I appreciate you taking the time to write me. Please tell Leigh I am thankful for all she is doing to encourage us to 'keep on keepin' on!' May the Lord bless you both in your work with CC and with your own children. You are blessing all of us!

I got to sub for our Essentials tutor yesterday. It was such a thrill to get to teach again. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I love learning and educating my children in this way. You both have been a great encouragement to me. Thank you!

May the Lord rain down his blessings on you and CC! 
- Brittany Lewis
Thank you, Brittany and Karen, for blessing all of us by allowing me to share your words of encouragement!

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