Friday, January 30, 2009

Executive Orders

A funny thing happened within the Lincoln presidency. Lincoln issued an executive order called The Emancipation Declaration and freed the slaves without the consent of congress or those who elected them. Since then, there has been a great debate as to when it's appropriate to circumnavigate constitutional processes. History and the phrase "All men are created equal" gave some credibility to Lincoln's decision, and now most regard the executive order as a good thing.

This morning, I listened to President Obama announce three executive orders that would give power to union leaders and mandate tax spending on social reforms without the consent of congress or the people they represent. Does anyone care that Obama doesn't care about taxation without representation? Does the current economic crisis compare to the war between the states? Am I just 1 Dumb Mama?

Be assured that I understand that traditionally Republicans borrow and spend in the same way Democrats tax and spend and that both parties control and print money in order to bring in votes. So I don't think Obama's more or less fiscally responsible than any other politician. I'm just dumbfounded by his boldness and our ignorance.

Pay attention to speed of the erosion of American's rights this decade. The 8th and 10th amendments are already ignored. While we're comfortably warm and fed, it's hard to get too worked up about our government nationalizing banks. But when we're cold and hungry, it may be too late. Please pass the Constitution. It was designed to start intellectual fires. Apparently I can use it now to feed my living room fire.

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