Monday, January 5, 2009

Leigh Interviews Mike Huckabee - Wednesday!

More information coming soon!

Dear CC Friends,

You may have picked up on the news currents already, but as you can imagine, I am very, very excited to announce the following:

Leigh Bortins, founder of Classical Conversations, a home school support organization, will be interviewing Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on her NEW talk radio show Wednesday, January 7, at 1pm EST. Note the time change from the usual 12 noon show, Leigh! for Lunch.

The direct link for the show is:

Please call in to talk to the governor - call after you hear his voice so the lines aren't tied up for his call. If you miss the show, it will be archived at

Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested, and take a minute to register as a friend on



Jennifer said...

Leigh this is great!!! If I don't get to call in I will be sure to be praying for you! :)

I attended a CC seminar today on Challenge in Dekalb, IL. It was so great! I just wanted to thank you for everything you do - you are ONE SMART MAMA!!!


Anonymous said...


Exciting news! I'll forward it to my group. BTW, is this 1:00 Eastern time?


Classical Conversations said...

Thanks for double checking! - forgot to include that in the listing. Yes, it is Eastern time.