Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Free

Since the early 1900's, Americans have been happy to give up personal responsibility to an all knowing expert. Oh, we attack and reject blatant irresponsibility, but we're so quick to excuse our own. Think about it. Most of our crops, libraries, roads, mortgages, schools, health care, and charities all depend on bureaucrats to spend money and take care of our personal and business needs. We get upset if they are not there to provide for our needs as though we're entitled to these services.

The church no longer takes responsibility for widows and orphans, the sick and the dying. We pretend to by visiting and praying, but we don't bring them into our homes or pay their living expenses when the Employment Security Commission is so handy for the unemployed.

We send our babies to church nurseries, our children to government schools, and our youth to jobs. Then we wonder why Americans expect mortgage and employment subsides. Everything about our lives are controlled and given to us by someone else. But then I hear about a Classical Conversations student who can no longer be in CC because her dad is temporarily unemployed and the family needs to cut expenses. Good for the family making hard choices. Then she tells her Director she is coming back because she got a job to pay for CC herself. What a 14 year old!

Most college students now expect to receive credits for free - that why home schooling families love dual enrollment at the community college. They believe the lie that it's college credit for free. Why shouldn't our banks ask for a subsidy? Our entire education and training system is subsidized.

While we're complaining about the newest bailout, let's see if we can give up some of our own bailouts. They are not free.

A related joke:

Blogger One: I need Obama to make my car payments so I can get to work and be responsible.
Blogger Two: Hey, that's not fair. I don't have car payments.
Blogger Three: You will now!

(Remember: Most city bus systems are equivalent to subsidized car payments. So expect this to happen.)

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