Friday, January 30, 2009

Sanitized Goodness

Apparently the rate of drug use and sexual activity is down among today's school children compared to the last two decades. Turns out they got the word from their promiscuous parents that AIDS kills, abortions hurt, and divorce destroys economic stability.

So we Christians should sing praises for this positive turn of events for our youth. But remember Jesus's instruction that sin comes from the heart; that if we even lust or murder in our hearts, we've still committed the same crime? Well, the rate of internet sex among teens is replacing the real thing. No alcohol, no drugs, no STDs involved. Sanitized safe sex.

In New Testament times, Christians rescued unwanted children thrown in the streets. But with hospitalized abortions, we couldn't even see the babies to save them. Now our youth won't make any trouble for us by hanging on one another in the street and demanding welfare payments for unwed mothers. Instead, they'll copulate in their imaginations, with constantly accessible stimulation, just like their tech-gen parents.

It makes me wonder who we Christians will pick on politically. If the stats are correct, by the end of the Obama administration, he will have been the president who oversees the lowest rates of abortions and teen pregnancy and STDs ever. How will we social conservative activist complain about him? What cause will we rally around? What will motivate and inspire us if evil is relegated to the privacy of personal screens? How will we measure our indignation if we can't see inside their brains?

Do I really think blatant endorsement of fornication will go away? Of course not. But as immorality is privately sanitized, maybe it'll help us remember Satan is quite a wiley guy who likes to distract us from the real battle. Maybe we've been fighting against the wrong standard. God expects us to be perfect, not to be safe. Christians have used safety as the basis of our arguments, just like secularists. Our reasons may be more pure, but secularists love their kids and want them to be safe, too. The earthly outcome is the same for either worldview.

Maybe now we can call people to holiness.


Alecia Baptiste said...

Wow, what a powerful and convicting post!!!! I hadn't thought of things that way but you're absolutely right. Thankyou for calling us to a higher standard.

Anonymous said...

You're dumb.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for reasons to complain? Why don't you look at the stats and say "great." There have likely been a lot more sexual letters sent in the world than sexy internet chats. Is is the technology that bothers you? I am a Christian and I'd much rather the kids be online that on the bed.