Sunday, February 8, 2009


One night Rob and I made up limericks about current events. We're not very good poets, but we thought you might enjoy trying to finish these poems.

There once was a swimmer so strong,
He won and he won with strokes very long.
Then someone printed a photo,
which made Michael say, "OH NO!"
And his public say, Look, it's a _________!"

There once were nominees with tax hassles,
Cause whistleblowers said they owed a passles.
Now Republicans are giddy,
As Democrats leave the city,
The latest farewells go to ____ ______.

To his campaign millions of fems had flocked,
Then when he ignored their agenda they were shocked.
But in the course of a week,
Gal received the appointments they seek.
Now MS. magazine's cover flaunts ___________.

Okay, I told you they weren't very good, but at least they make sense.

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