Monday, March 16, 2009

1 Smart Mama and Kate Deddens

Home schooling parents don't want to miss Leigh! for Lunch this Wednesday (March 18 @ 12 noon EST). Leigh will be talking with Kate Deddens, an outstanding mom and wife. Go to to listen.

Kate has been 'officially teaching' in her family's Classical Christian Homeschool for a decade, but she knows that all homeschooling truly begins at birth (and all parents homeschool in some fashion whether they recognize it or not).

She homeschools at the rhetoric level with her high school junior daughter, at the grammar-going-on-logic stage with her fifth grade daughter, and at the grammar stage with her second grade son and one year old son.

Kate has been enormously blessed during this academic year as Director of a Classical Conversations' Foundations program in Owensboro, Kentucky. In addition to her husband and children, Kate helps care for her 84 year old mother-in-law (diagnosed with dementia and bedridden) who lives in the home with Kate's family.

Kate is active in her Missouri Synod Lutheran Church congregation, and has a passion for her faith, Classical Christian education, homeschooling, good literature, music, and fellowship, writing, traveling, and being a Mom.

Kate and her husband Ted celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last summer. Ted designs, sculpts and manufactures his own handmade line of military miniatures ( They also operate a military miniatures, toys, and books shop in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky.

Ted and Kate relocated to Kentucky fifteen years ago from Annapolis, Maryland, where they had both graduated with BAs from the St. John's College Great Books Program.

Before committing to homeschooling her children when her eldest was six, Kate worked in a variety of fields (a librarian, a freelance writer and editor, in financial consulting, in management for an international building products corporation, and in counseling) and earned an MA in Mental Health Counseling from Western Kentucky University.

Kate was born in Tehran, Iran, the sixth child in an American Presbyterian missionary family.

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