Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FYI from Leigh! for Lunch 3-25-09

In case you are interested in topics that came up during this week's show, here are a few links and tips from Leigh! for Lunch on Blog Talk Radio 3/25/09, "Leigh for Lunch with Mike Smith." (Click on the title to listen to the show archive now). 

  • Tune in to Blog Talk Radio next Wednesday (April 1) at 12 noon EST to join the conversation with Leigh and Pam Lopes. Pam is a Challenge A director and program manager in Classical Conversations, and she will be sharing the way the Lord has worked in her life through her recent fight against breast cancer

  • If you have a legal concern or want to know more about HSLDA, visit their website. Join online today to take advantage of a 3-month free trial membership offer!
  • Read and share your thoughts on President Obama's Zero to Five Plan.
  • High school students thinking about college? Take a look at Patrick Henry College in VA. PHC is one of very few colleges that do not accept federal funding.
  • Are you concerned about parental rights in the U.S.? Visit for more information. For more about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or to read the text of the convention, click here. Curious why the UNCRC would affect U.S. law so strongly? See Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Read more about pioneers of the home schooling movement John Holt and Dr. Raymond Moore.


    Bognor Regis Herald said...

    The parental rights set-up is anti UN Convention. You need a balanced argument. Try Havard HR Journal:

    This answers all including the Article 6 issue. The antis are ambiguous about the idea that children have rights of their own. They see it as parents rights v childrens rights. Every sane person knows that's not how it is in real family life - we hold their interests in trust not ownership. The idea that e.g. children will suddenly flock to the courts to be able to adopt a different religion to their parents is ludicrous - yet this is a stated 'fear' of the antis. And, yes, if the US Congress enacts a law to this effect, juveniles will not be able to be executed the moment they reach majority - but it will take a US law as the UHCRC does not have any power of compulsion or enforcement - it sets global standards not dictats.

    Classical Conversations said...

    Thanks for sharing this link, so folks can get another perspective on the parental rights issue. :)

    Glad you stopped by!