Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today! Leigh & Dr. George Wiedmaier

Don't miss Leigh! for Lunch TODAY (Wed, March 11) at 12 noon EST, when I'll be talking to Dr. George Wiedmaier of Focus on the Family

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Dr. George Wiedmaier is the new Parenting Outreach Director for Focus on the Family. In addition to bringing a passion for the centrality and importance of parenting in our culture, he brings a unique, rich and intimate knowledge of parenting.

He and his wife served as surrogate parents to 42 children and youth of poverty from urban NYC, Philadelphia, rural Pennsylvania, California, Washington and other regions of the U.S.

Some of the daily activities included teaching academic enrichment programs, social skills curriculums, character education modules, daily devotions and personal health programs while modeling and living with school age youth as their surrogate parents.

Dr. Wiedmaier received his master’s in Counseling from Alfred University and received his doctoral degree from the NOVA Southeastern University. His dissertation and research interest have surrounded parental education programs. 

His doctoral work delivered an extensive qualitative description of parents increasing personal awareness of their parenting style’s efficacy in motivating individual youth. As the work concentrated on surrogate parents, an emphasis and passion of his work resides in the topic of breaking the cycle of poverty and disadvantage through the medium of surrogate parenting.

Dr. Wiedmaier lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Allysia and two daughters. This is an episode of BlogTalkRadio with 1SmartMama that you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

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