Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Home School Formula (if there were one)

Every year, families who want to start the rewarding but scary journey of home schooling ask, how do I do this? Life would be so much easier if raising kids had a formula, like a geometry problem. 

4[2(math) + 3(reading) - 1(discipline)] x 7(writing + spelling) + 4[science - chores] = (healthy + happy + perfect + smart) child.

We help each other out, we share tips and tricks, we disciple and support and encourage each other through community, but we are raising children, not programming a computer. That's one of the reasons we home school!

Take a minute to think about some of the famous folks who've been home schooled over the years. (For a jump-start, take a look at this list: Ten Homeschooled Celebrities). Then think about the folks you know who home school. Sometimes they learn from their mom. Sometimes Dad. Sometimes both. Sometimes neither. Sometimes they have behavioral problems. Sometimes they travel a lot. Sometimes they learn with other children, sometimes alone. 

I think at some point we are all afraid that we're messing up our children: we're leaving something out; we're doing something out of order. And we all do make mistakes: even 1 Smart Home Schoolers are human! But it's a little arrogant to think that we (God's children) can ruin God's plan for our children (His children). 

What brings all the fear back to a manageable level is something that can be so hard to remember: God is on His throne. He has entrusted us with the mammoth task of raising our little ones to know Him, but He never leaves us alone to do it. So let's try that again.

Who is on His throne? --God
Where is God? --On His throne

Now it's your turn: repeat until this truth is learned. After all, our kids aren't the only ones whose brains need training...


Poppy said...

Yay God!!!!

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