Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 3 (1)


Before the 1950s, almost all Americans were literate

The following reviews of easily available literature exemplifying the potential quality of a true Christian education are provided as resources demonstrating the classical model of education.

Illustrations of the current poor state of education are not given to discourage our hardworking school teachers and parents who are trying to educate children well. Instead, they are given to contrast the earlier American era with modern educational results. I offer these examples in order to raise questions about why we teach the way we do and to provide concrete answers from a time when teaching methods were more effective.

Formative Thoughts

As a prolific reader, devoted to gleaning tips and tricks to equip Christians to educate their children well, I am as easily influenced by Austen, Angelou, and Kipling as I am by Hirsch, Mann, and Wilson. All the aforementioned have had a whole lot to say about families, church, government, and educating children.

I can’t begin to review all of the literature, both American and European, that has instructed me on the history of western civilization and its formation of Christian habitus, the integration of all learning with theology as formative mistress.

I believe faith defines culture, and my belief that all thoughts must be captured to Christ defines my analytical approach. The Bible defines my prejudices, my community defines my experiences, and authors (dead and alive) inform my arguments with a culture I am trying to win to Christ.

Though James Sire or Gene Edward Veith may be considered educational experts to the Christian community, I have to live in a culture devastated by the educational ideas of Darwin and Mann.

I am required to be well read if I am to address the ideological and practical outcomes of equipping tired, overworked parents to stop and consider developing the habit of living for Christ within their family. It is hard work that can only be accomplished through the strength of the Holy Spirit. These are the thoughts I bring to conversations between myself and authors.

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