Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life Interrupted (part 2)

The Nature of Home-Centered Education

...continued from part 1...

As a seasoned, or experienced, or old home schooling parent, I am often asked to describe my school schedule.

I used to reply with a straight face, until one day I heard the Spirit prodding, “You’re a good liar.” So now, I chuckle and mull over which answer to give. Is it the ideal day that happens every third Wednesday after the first tulips first bloom? Is it the Tuesday seminar schedule that actually works very well? Or should I give the schedule where we do everything in blocks of time?

The only thing I can honestly answer is that we wake up and read the Bible and we go to bed reading books – most days. Thanks to my husband and his insistence we treat math equally with reading, they study math an hour almost every day of their lives. So, that takes up less than 3 hours out of 24. With sleep and meals and showers taking 9-10 hours, and another hour a day on things that just come up, that leaves them with about 9 hours to waste, redeem, or relax.

I used to hate staying home, so we busied ourselves with errands and friends and extra classes, but that even gets old after 25 years. Besides now they are both in their double digits, so we have Latin, Logic, Short Story, Mock Trial, and Science to read, research, and write about. Plus, I love writing and am trying to sit and write while they sit and work. So now we might work 4-6 hours a day on school work, unless something more interesting interrupts us.

Now think about what I just said. We sit 4-6 hours a day WORKING! Not waiting for a teacher to explain a lesson, or a student to get back from the bathroom, or our turn to use the lunchroom or go to assembly. We work, quietly, sharing laughs, frustrations, and questions. Then we take the dog for a mile walk or go to soccer practice or golfing or wakeboarding.

Even with this, we still have a few hours left over in the day. So I write or email or phone. William computes. David plays with the large gang of tweenage boys that abide at our house. Apparently I’m the mom who lets them do whatever they want. Hey, I’ve been sitting with them for hours. I’m tired of making them do hard things. Plus, I like taking them boating and my husband makes cookies every day.

What could be better than that?

To be continued...

Love, Leigh

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honesty and insight. It is great to know that some of your days are like my days. I have found that to be so true for us all. We all have the standard and then we have reality. Standards are great and they work well sometimes, but it is nice to know we can allow life to dictate our days sometimes and just enjoy the delight of being my kids mom and teacher. I can't wait to read part 3.
Tiffani Fuster