Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life Interrupted (part 3)

The Nature of Home-Centered Education

...continued from part 2...

I am accused of being a home schooler, but I prefer the term home-centered education. The problem is I can’t figure out how to turn it into a personal noun. You know, like home-schoolers home school. Do home-centered educators home-center educate? Not very catchy. So I still say home school. The reason I like the other term better, is it is more accurate. Our home is the center of so much more education than the schools ever tell a child can take place.

My boys watch a lot of arguments. Their dad and I argue over GAPP and how literally to take the talking heads on TV. We watch too much news. I argue with the insurance man about collecting money for the car collisions. My husband argues with Verizon when they say, “Sir, we can’t hear you.” And he shouts into the phone, “I know that’s why I’m calling you. Oh drat,” he mumbles under his breath. “How can they hear me if the phone won’t work? Idiots!” These kind of interruptions are highly instructional.

The boys also go with us to the bank, the attorney’s and real estate agent’s offices, the grocery store, Goodwill, and so many Classical Conversations’ trainings that they refuse to learn anything classically again. They often beg us for workbooks so they can just get through the work like everyone else.

We live in a very secure, gated neighborhood, so they see the fire engines, the police car, the security cop, and the gate officer every day. There are so many retirees in the neighborhood that they think an ambulance siren means another house is for sale. I try to teach them to pray when they hear a siren, but they really do go off a lot.

We are really blessed by one not so loud sound. Church bells. We have a belfry in the neighborhood church and I cry every time I hear them. If someone is around to see me cry, I’ll remind them that in some communities church bells that ring on the hour are outlawed.

There are so many good lessons to learn without books. That makes it worth it. Even if it does mean living most of life interrupted.

Love, Leigh

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