Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life Interrupted

The Nature of Home-Centered Education (Part 1)

So here I am, typing away on my writing projects while my son, William 13, is developing a chart of Latin adjectives on Excel and my son, David 10, is working on a Saxon math lesson, when the phone rings.

Everyone has had a great start to the day so far. Read the Bible and worked on memorizing a timeline together. Now we’re working on individual lessons, so I look at caller ID to make sure the call is not important, so I can ignore it. Well, it’s the boy from down the street who is visiting over spring break.

Is it important to let my 10 year old stop a math lesson to talk to his friend? The boy is not a Christian, in public school, only visiting a few more hours until returning to home, David will be heartbroken if he misses saying goodbye, parents are asking us home schooling questions, invited us over even after learning how ‘religious’ we are…. "David, it’s your friend, Robert," I call out, once again allowing life to interrupt schoolwork.

I am the ultimate at justifying anything. My sin state loves making excuses and casting blame. Later in the day, David will complain when William gets a computer game break, forgetting that I gave him the morning off to fish and bike and play games with his friend that he only sees a few times a month. Then I want to berate myself for giving him the time to play with his friend -the selfish wicked little reprobate. I’m never going to let him off school work again…is what I used to say.

Now after leading our boys’ education from home for the last 25 years, I know better. Just like our Father in heaven, I get great pleasure at giving my boys gifts. And just like me, a few hours later the gift is forgotten and the complaining begins. A peaceful afternoon is now interrupted by boys squabbling over a toy. The joy of the gift is removed from both of us as I remind David that William just finished his school work and he had the day off. “Oh, yeah…” he sadly replies.

It is so hard to be good and consistent and fair and honest.

...to be continued...

Love, Leigh

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