Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Nature of Education

Coming Soon!!

Next week is going to be a busy one for Classical Conversations, and I want you to come along! Stay tuned for more details on my upcoming events.

Wednesday evening through Saturday, July 22-25, I'll be in Concord, speaking alongside Andrew Pudewa, Andrew Kern, and others about the Nature of Education at the CiRCE Institute's annual conference. Click here to see details and register. Act now - only 100 seats available!

To get you in the right mindset, I encourage you to read Andrew Kern's recent blog post about the subject. Take a look:
For 3000 years the goal of western learning was to come to know the nature of a thing so we would know how to relate to it appropriately. The obliteration of our civilization was ensured when that idea was first argued against, then displaced, then forgotten.

If the Christian classical schools do not begin to think more seriously about their ends, about their teaching modes and their curricula, about the nature of what they are doing, who they are teaching, and what they are teaching, they simply will not matter.
We absolutely must think harder about the nature of education. We must think harder about nature itself. The fact that it is displaced and that we are so poor at thinking about it is a symptom of our decadence and our decline. Unless we recover this idea, all is lost.
I'm excited! How about you?

Love, Leigh

**UPDATE (8-18): Conference CDs now available from CiRCE!

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