Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conference Notes: Heather Shirley

My Contemplation of Nature
From Heather Shirley, CC Executive Director

A Contemplation of Nature…

The CiRCE annual conference title seemed frivolous if not a little “New Age-ey” or perhaps “green” sounding at my initial heed.

However, after the first morning session, or should I say correctly “colloquy” (Latin for conversation), I found the nature of the conference neither New Age-ey nor green, but rather soulish, if that is really a word.

A variety of educators, from a variety of environments, from a variety of Christian backgrounds met to contemplate the nature of things – things like society, man, education, freedom, student assessment, principles, etc…

Questions abounded, ideas were contemplated, presuppositions challenged, and principles apprehended.

Andrew Kern, founder of CiRCE, says, “The quality of the life you live is determined by the quality of your questions.”

The human soul was made for contemplation; the human soul feeds on ideas. In the age of modern education, questions are often neglected at best and discouraged at worst, and contemplation is viewed as anti-pragmatic, all of which results in the atrophying of the human soul.

With a renewed sense of the importance of good questions and of the contemplation of ideas with my family, I have committed to simplifying a few things in my life to ensure we have the margin to contemplate ideas – ideas that enlarge our souls.

May I recommend a good “idea” book to get you started? The Soul of Science by Nancy Pearcy and Charles B. Thaxton.



Visit Heather's blog, (www.sanctifiedwoman.blogspot.com) for more on The Soul of Science and the classical model.

**UPDATE: Conference CDs are now available for purchase from CiRCE.

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