Monday, September 14, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 4 (1)


Church leaders need tools to apply the best techniques from early America.

This thesis provides a solution for church leaders who are concerned about the loss of Christian capital and Christian worldview in our culture. Many are aware that both home schooling parents and classical, Christian schools are trying to recover the lost tools of learning defined by the Bible as knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

This project provides three inexpensive resources that a church could implement to provide a church-housed or even church-based opportunity for families (parents and children) to learn as a Christian community. The projects in their entirety are:
  1. Echo in Celebration: A Call to Home-Centered Education contrasts Christian education with modern education and calls families to consider their responsibilities as their children’s first and best teachers. This easy-to-read book explains the problems in education and begins to propose a solution. The book was designed to encourage Christians to talk about what makes an education truly Christian.

  2. The Foundations Guide provides an easy-to-implement, three-hour-a-week, classical grammar school (K-6th grade) program that is currently used in churches across the U.S. This curriculum focuses on training families to retain large amounts of information in a very supportive environment. Pastors who appreciate the ability to “hide God’s word in our hearts” (Ps 119:11) will understand the emphasis on brain training.

  3. The Essentials Guide provides an easy-to-implement, two-hour-a-week, dialectic language program (for 4th to 8th grades) that teaches families to study the structure of words through the English language. This course will delight every pastor who values Hebrew and Greek studies as expository skills.
Additional study guides have been developed and are used across the U.S. for the higher grades, but they are beyond the scope of this project. Churches that want to implement this hybrid between a classical school and a home school co-op can include opportunities for families of high school students. The greatest need has been for parents of young children, so the elementary grades are the focus of this project.

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