Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 4 (2)


Some churches don’t have the resources to maintain an entire school, yet they want to promote Christian education for their families. Other churches have huge facilities and want to offer a full-time school while providing support for parents who educate their children from home. In either case, many pastors, elders, and church leaders are looking for a way to equip parents for the biblically mandated duty of raising their children in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through academics.

This paper presents a system that churches can use to equip parents educating their children from home. The project provides a model of church-based education currently being used in over one hundred churches by thousands of families across the United States, Canada, and a few foreign countries.

Though moderns have referred to this form of education as ‘home schooling,’ it is not a very accurate name since most of those who ‘home school’ find learning to be a natural process of life and see the world, rather than a classroom or even a living room, as their locus. Home-centered education is a more accurate description.

Many parents that have taken on this responsibility want to know that their church leaders desire to support them and keep them accountable to academic work done well for the Lord.

Pastors often wish they had a simple way to keep their families accountable to a high standard of academic excellence. Other pastors desire to help more children learn from home, but know some families will not be successful if they have to teach without support.

Most church leaders recognize that quality, Christian education is a large, important endeavor and are seeking more ways to bring Christ and community together through learning. This model should be of value in any of these situations.

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