Monday, September 28, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 4 (5)


Although Echo in Celebration talks about all three skills, The Foundations Guide and The Essentials Guide are meant to aid in the grammar and dialectic stages. Because of the limited scope of this project, the study of rhetoric is not covered in depth.

The Foundations Guide takes commonly known information and arranges it into a system that allows families to work together on the grammar of creation. It teaches them that the beginning of learning is defining words.

Math words, Latin words, history words, science words, and Bible words are all memorized through a variety of games, songs, and activities. The book also explains how to operate a three-hour academic program including science projects, art projects, presentation skills, and parental support.

Local families meet weekly at their churches, while developing an academic community and support network for the participating families, quality academics for the students, teacher training for home schooling parents, and an inexpensive way to bring academics back into the realm of the church.

The book guides students from four to thirteen years old and their parents through a core knowledge series with an emphasis on western civilization.

Unlike other classical curriculums, it includes a lot of science because of our emphasis on creation. It does not specify a reading or math curriculum because young students move through these subjects at such individualized paces. The Foundations program is usually offered in the morning.

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