Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thinking About Parental Rights

A Smart Mama from Virginia put together this video on Parental Rights in the U.S. I encourage you to watch it. Whether or not you agree with the conclusions drawn, parents in the U.S. should thoughtfully consider these issues.

(Here is a different take on the idea that treaties supercede US law: Imprimis, by Jeremy Rabkin at George Mason University.)

Here are a few things to consider while thinking about this video and the issues it introduces:

  1. Should we recognize the government's right to define the word Parent in the constitution?
  2. We already have compulsory education, mandated immunizations, and birth control distribution even by private physicians. We demand government health care and send our kids to government schools. We expect the government to bail us out of lost jobs. We've already said these are the rights of our government, so should we be surprised that a bigger power wants in on the action?
  3. What if the energy spent on this issue went toward training Christians to rely on Christ and to choose to be responsible with the little He's given us?
These are hard questions for parents to wrestle with. How would you respond?

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