Monday, October 5, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 4 (7)

CHAPTER 4: THE PROJECT (part 7 - final)

Cost is an important factor in education. The classical model takes the approach that any skill can be taught with a book or a teacher and chalk on a slate. Most of the curriculum is for the parents, so they can learn to memorize, lead discussions, and make wise academic decisions with their children.

Only one set of books is needed for all of the children in a family. The non-consumable curriculum and activities played on chalkboards keep the costs low. Copies are rarely made as we want the children and not the machines to work. Also, God loves poor families in third world nations. If they can learn about Him with limited resources, so can wealthy Americans.

Currently, thousands of Christians, who intentionally work hard to model habitus, have helped to develop this model of classical, Christian education. Ultimately, the classical model puts the hard work of learning in the students’ hands, while they are guided by an adult who loves to share the tools of learning anything.

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