Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 5 (3)


Andrew Kern, in his paper “History of Classical Education: Aristophanes to Socrates,” declares his nominee for the definition of rhetoric to be “the beautiful expression of truth.” One CFO chooses to respond to Truth and the other to evil, though neither would necessarily recognize their actions as rhetorical.

The Bible describes true education: it is fathers instructing their families to use the skills of learning to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty in order to glorify God. Then the family in turn shares the same ideas with the individuals they meet.

The major objections to home-centered education are addressed in Echo in Celebration: A Call to Home-Centered Education. In brief, objections center on inadequate family finances, inadequate educational skills, and inadequate student co-operation.

Many church leaders believe in Christian education as the best option, whether at home or in a church school, but only see inadequate resources within their community.

I can only ask, “Who knocked God off His throne?” Of course man and his resources are inadequate; we can only pursue holiness with the help of the Holy Spirit. Christian leaders should believe in His abundance and then act on that belief.

(1) Andrew Kern, “The Birth of Classical Education” (Concord, NC: CIRCE Institute, 2006), 5.

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