Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leigh's Thesis: Chapter 5 (4)

CHAPTER 5: ASSESSMENT (part 4 - final)

One of the reasons we have ten thousand students in our weekly communities in 2008 is because Christians crave connections beyond Bible studies.

One family’s son died this summer. Her CC campus Director arranged for a meal and a card to be sent to this family every week for a year. We have families who pay for other families’ tuition. We have families who home school other families’ kids.

This model attracts families committed to Christian community and accountability. When working with people, you get what you expect. The church has not expected enough from its congregants, so it doesn’t get much.

I have been accused by non-homeschooling pastors of being dissociative, of almost replacing the small groups within churches. The irony is that most of our enrolled families are either pastors or church leaders.

If pastors would expect their families to be united in school, health, and work, and not just in fun activities and Bible studies, families would flock to their churches.

The church has a lot of work to do if they want to accept the responsibility for inspiring and promoting Christian education. This model is just another option for concerned Christian leaders to consider.

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