Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Support Classical Education

Are you interested in supporting Classical Education? Visit the CiRCE Institute, a friend of Classical Conversations and a leading provider for classical educators throughout the U.S., to learn more about their year-end campaign, Further Up and Further In.

The idea is simple and elegant. You can download talks from the CiRCE conference and/or an article by Vigen Guroian just for making any size contribution to the work of the CiRCE Institute. ...

Our target for this support campaign is $50,000, which would enable us to direct the resources that The Lost Tools of Writing and our annual conference urgently need. ...

If you would like to partner financially in this work that we are committed to because we believe our country and the Christian community need it so badly, we welcome and cherish every contribution. Take a look at the website at www.circeinstitute.org or go to the support page.

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