Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FYI from Leigh at Lunch 3/3/10

If you are interested in topics that came up during this week's show, here are a few links and tips from Leigh at Lunch on Blog Talk Radio 3/3/10, "C3 Questions Answered with Leigh at Lunch." Listen to Chris Sanford talk you through the C3 Online Community. (Click on the title to listen to the show archive now).

Coming soon from 1 Smart Mama
  • Tune in next Wednesday, March 10, at 12 noon EST to join the conversation with Leigh and her return guest, Ray Moore, Jr. Upcoming speakers on BlogTalk include Andrew Pudewa and Ravi Zacharias.

  • Ongoing events
  • Click here to register for the Stanford test through CC. Purchase test prep books from the CC Bookstore.
  • Leigh's newest book, The Core, will be released this spring! Pre-order it on Amazon.
  • Find out more about CC's summer student camps and *free* Parent Practicums on the CC website. Register today!

  • Notes from today's show
  • CC Information Meetings offer information about the vision and logistics of CC. Visit the CC website for details and a schedule of these free meetings.
  • If you have a comment (good or bad) about CC websites, or if you need help with our online technology, email CustomerService(at)
  • To register for the C3 (Classical Conversations Connected) Community--to get free downloads, chat with users, or subscribe to receive more materials--go to the top right corner and click "Login/Register." Choose "register" and enter your information. A subscription page will appear. Choose a tier of access, and a subscription length. Participants in CC communities receive a substantial discount through their directors. (Listen to the full conversation archive to find out more about troubleshooting and using the online community. Screen shots of the processes he describes will be uploaded soon.)
  • Directors can upload events to the event calendar: Chris walks you through the process on the show (at about 41:00).
  • To find an event, go to and click on the event calendar. Choose your event type and state. Click on an event to find contact information or to register.

  • C3 Q&A with Chris Sanford
  • How do you know when your subscription ends? When you log in, you'll soon see a new page with the expiration date.
  • Are there discount coupons, and how do you get them? Yes! Contact your director.
  • Will the fees change next year? Not substantially, if at all.
  • Is the online book club free? Yes. It's available on the Free Forum.
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