Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer Practicums: Beyond the Book

Homeschooling is a journey that takes vision and careful planning. Check your bearings and plan the best route for your family at Classical Conversations' free 3-day Parent Practicums.

State Managers are working over-time with me this month and next to plan and prepare for Classical Conversations' signature events: the free 3-day Parent Practicums which will be held all over the country this spring and summer.

This is really the heart and soul of Classical Conversations: to reach moms and dads and encourage them to educate their children from home and do it well using the model of classical education, and to inspire them to raise up children who will be great leaders for our country.

This summer's practicums will focus on going Beyond a Book in educating our children and seeing them as souls to be nurtured for the glory of God instead of pragmatic products to be measured by man.

In educating our children, it is important to understand that knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are not apprehended by a sacred, yet ever-altering, set of curriculum books that the state sets forth. In true education, an education that gives a student wings to fly and serve their life purpose, we have to learn to think beyond a book.

CiRCE Institute founder, Andrew Kern, will visit in select cities via a multi-media presentation to share his heart for education that reclaims the whole student, challenging educators everywhere to adjust their thinking.

Join us and other classical, home-educating parents in a free 3-day practicum near you...and let's go beyond a book together!

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