Thursday, June 3, 2010

Core Questions

As I've been working on The Core, I've been blessed by accountability to my community of Christ-followers. Your questions challenge me and keep me focused as I navigate this new adventure.

A few people have expressed concern that in writing this book for a secular press and from a secular perspective, I would dilute the truth that drives me to promote Home-Centered Education. Can this book advance the greater goal of CC, "To know God and make Him known" through classical education, if faith is not explicitly at the center?

It's a good question, and not a simple one. Today, I'd like to share with you some of the struggles--and joys--that I've found in this process of seeking out an answer.

It was hard to write this book at first because I can't help but express my faith as I write. It's just in me. Every time I'd get "too" theological for the publisher, they would argue with me until I took it out. But the arguing was so fun because I got to share my faith with a handful of secular New Yorkers in the process.

I knew I'd lose because I was working for them, not myself, but their arguments helped me hone mine and I pray our Lord was often glorified. One editor privately contacted me and said because of the book his family was now going to home school.

I started home schooling as a secularist, and like my pastor said, "If you stand by the river long enough, eventually you will fall in." Which I did, and I pray now that the publishers will do so too as we continue to hang out together.

I'm praying The Core will draw non-Christians near to us, the church, through an issue parents care about and in a way that we can influence them for Christ.

It was nerve wracking sometimes to write the book because I believe there is no neutrality. You are either for Christ or against Him. I hope that in the stories about our daily life, where the publisher allowed me to be open about our family's faith, all readers will know that I am for Him.

By respecting the authority of my employer, I was able to gain their trust and respect while very often sharing the gospel. By listening to me, they earned my respect. So I look forward to working with Palgrave MacMillan again.

I love all my endeavors with the church and CC and am also excited about this new mission field, the realm of New York publishing and secular parents who need to be told they are capable and trusted by we Christians. I love loving on them and can't wait to see what the Lord will do.

My team won't let me rest until every parent hears that they are trusted by God to not only birth children, but raise them for His glory.

Thanks for all your efforts in home schooling and your prayers that as I venture into unfamiliar territory I boldly speak the words of Christ.

Love, Leigh


Just His Best said...

Wow Leigh! What a testimony. I cannot wait for the release of this book!!!

I praise God that He gave you the vision that He did and am so very thankful you have shared it. :)

Anonymous said...

So why exactly is it that there is "no neutrality"? Are all non-Christians your enemy?

What an ignorant, un-Christian thought!