Friday, July 9, 2010

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jennifer nevarr said...

interesting study about e-readers. We got one this past December, I have my older children read public domain books that I download from sites such as I find they like the novelty of using the device so they are likely to read a little longer than they might otherwise. I haven't used it as much as they have, but am right now reading a 400+ page book on it. I find that even if my reading is slower (although I hadn't noticed this), i'm reading More b/c I can pick up the Kindle here and there and read snatches. If my reading IS slower, it's because i use the included dictionary to look up words I don't know, which I wouldn't bother to do with a regular book. It's also great for getting quick definitions about literary references to mythology or historical figures that I am unfamiliar with. SO, maybe the e reader is less efficient? But i FEEL like I'm more productive with it =) Plus, I can store lots and lots of books on it without having to find more room on our already stuffed bookcases. I LOVE our Kindle. Hmm I wonder if I can download The Core on my Kindle =)