Monday, September 6, 2010

Grammar Challenge - Answers

[Last week, I wrote a post containing all seven basic sentence patterns and asked you to identify an example of each pattern. Here is one set of answers you might have given. Because the post was more than seven sentences long, there are multiple possible answers.]

Test yourself!!


1. S-Vi (subject + intransitive verb)

You may vote because you care about an issue...

2. S-Vt-DO (subject + transitive verb + direct object)

You donate money to an advocacy organization...

3. S-Vl-PN (subject + linking verb + predicate nominative)

Students' passion and eagerness to change the world are great advantages...

4. S-Vl-PA (subject + linking verb + predicate adjective)

The answer will be different for every family and every student, but it's worth considering.

5. S-Vt-IO-DO (subject + transitive verb + indirect object + direct object)

According to the press release, "Democracy Class" gives students information about "the history of voting, the connection between issues they care about and those they elect to office, and their right to vote."

6. S-Vt-DO-OCN (subject + transitive verb + direct object + object complement noun)

...however, this kind of civics education cannot make students smart voters unless students also receive training in critical thinking skills.

7. S-Vt-DO-OCA (subject + transitive verb + direct object + object complement adjective)

...but without wisdom to accompany it, undirected enthusiasm can make students--and adults--rash.

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