Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Chaos-Free

This month, I'm proud and honored to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas, not a "happy holiday" or any other generic, empty greeting, but a soul-filled, "for-unto-you-a-Savior-is-born" Merry Christmas!

As Christmas gets closer and closer (less than 2 weeks now!), it can be difficult as moms to keep our focus on the Savior when magazines and commercials put before us unrealistic expectations of beautiful trees and spotless homes and homemade feasts.

The decorations and trees and cookies and bows, though, are all "of the world." They are the wrappings that man has put on the real gift. We need to be diligent to focus on the gift, and not get 'wrapped up' in the wrappings because God gave us children, and He gave us very clear instructions to teach them about Him. So, if we get all wrapped up in the wrappings of Christmas, we may not be teaching our children what God wants us to teach them: that He came to earth as Jesus, the Christ, to save us. We can't do a very good job of teaching that message if we're exhausted from shopping and cooking and decorating and participating in every charity in the area.

We need to narrow the "to do" list so we can minister to our family with peace in our own hearts. How can we proclaim Jesus as the Prince of Peace if we create chaos around His birthday?

Remember that God's gifts don't come gift-wrapped. Teach your children to look for gifts that don't come wrapped in pretty paper and tied up with bows---the beauty of the earth, fellowship with friends and family, and the warmth of a fire.

Have a very merry Christmas!
Leigh Bortins and family

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