Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Day in the Life

As our final set of boys become men, all the rewards of home schooling become apparent. Previously, I've spent much time writing about raising little boys. I know home schooling parents are often interested in A Day in the Life of a home schooling family, so I thought I'd share some of our eventful day.
Wednesday, January 9, 2011
8am: Rummaged around for house plumbing plans as plumber arrived to repair awful smell from master bedroom. Looked at plans with Rob and William. Watched the plumber use scope up all the pipes and vents.

9am: Worked through a chapter of Don't Check Your Brains at the Door as today's devotional with family.

10am: Plumber and contractor left; CC MultiMedia team arrived for advertising discussion. David and William completed math assignment.

11am: William and my videographer, Tobin, checked recording devices to ensure they were ready to record audio for this summer's Parent Practicums. David still working at completing assignments.

12noon: Lunched at a local diner with boys and team. Discussed the nuances in well-written dramas and comedies. Greeted neighbors. Conferred with a friend in the restaurant over plans to build a light aircraft this summer. Greeted Keith Denton who had come up from SC to help CC for the day. He was lunching with IT guy, Chris Sanford. We like living in a small town.

1pm: Team went to office for a training in Microsoft Excel. Tim, another IT guy, did a really good job. I'll bring the boys to the next session. They had guitar lessons while I was at office. I'll have to reschedule guitar so they can learn Excel Pivot tables each Wednesday.

2pm: Reviewed Parent Practicum recording with Tobin. William worked on essay and helped IT guy install software and new hardware. David played basketball.

3pm: Worked on Advertising Rate Cards with team. Spent a lot of time on phone with Robert in SC as he is helping with the advertising.

5pm: Discussion with IT team.

6pm: Sloppy Joe and veggie dinner with family as contractors and IT guys and CCMM team left.

7pm: Art instructor gave lessons to the boys and six friends in our craft room. Greeted friends as they dropped off children ages 5 to 17 for lessons from a CC Dad, Paul Rizzo. Cleaned up kitchen and the last of Christmas decorations with Rob.

8pm: Worked on this blog entry while listening to Paul tell the students interesting stories about his day as a public school teacher. Tobin is filming the stories as Paul is fascinating and many of the students are excellent artists. They love to listen as they sketch.

9pm: The boys leave for their writing club. They meet twice a week to develop plots and characters with a handful of other writers. They will be back after I'm in bed. I will probably watch a movie as I watch Rob fall asleep in the chair.


Love, Leigh

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing, Leigh. It reminded me of a Star Trek "ship's log." :) I have tried to keep one to show my husband "what we do all day." I can never get beyond lunch before I throw in the towel on it.