Monday, January 31, 2011

Higher Orders of Science

*This is the second in a series of guest posts from CCMM Communications Director Jennifer Courtney. See also Higher Orders of Math*


Just like the illustrations from mathematics in the last post, memorization is central to success in the sciences as well. Your brain cannot memorize formulas, figure out which ones to use, and evaluate the results all at the same time.

Think about students of biology who have already memorized animal classifications, students of physiology who have memorized organ systems, students of chemistry who have memorized the periodic table, and students of physics who have memorized Newton’s Laws of Motion and the laws of thermodynamics.

These are the students who can immediately leap into the logic and rhetoric applications of their knowledge.

Remember, people only object to rote memorization when they conceive of it as cramming for a test and then forgetting the information or memorizing facts without going on to apply those facts to higher orders of thinking.

*To read more about the importance of memorization, check out A House With a Foundation. For more information about the Classical Conversations Foundations Program,

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