Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Did you make a New Year's resolution? If you did, there is a 99 percent chance that it has something to do with food and losing weight. I'd like to propose a resolution that you could commit to right now and still eat dessert.

We all know the story of The Miracle Worker. Poor Helen Keller was deaf, mute, and blind due to an illness in infancy. Her parents let her always have her way because life was just so hard and so unfair to their beloved daughter. As is true anytime a child gets their way all the time, Helen's parents were raising a beast instead of a human. Life was ugly, but they knew in their hearts that something should be done to help Helen cope, so they hired Annie Sullivan to be her teacher. The parents prayed for a child who could merely behave and not embarrass them. They looked at Helen and only saw disabilities and limitations; Annie looked at Helen and saw potential. It was Annie's determination that enabled Helen to become a woman who would speak to kings and write for nations.

Which kind of parent or educator are you? A Mr. Keller or an Annie Sullivan? We all have a worldview, a foundational way of thinking. Is yours that we are what we are and should act according to our nature? I am a Christian woman who believes we are to rise above our natures and equip our children to do the same. We are to look at our children and say, "Child, you are called to lead great causes for Christ, and I want you equipped to show the world the fruit of the Spirit."

Many CC parents are already Annie Sullivans. If you're not one already, make it your New Year's resolution to become an Annie Sullivan and empower your children to become leaders, writers, speakers, and ambassadors for Christ!

I wish you and your family a God-blessed, Christ-centered, and Spirit-filled 2011,
Love, Leigh

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