Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outgoing Products Sale at the Bookstore

Don't miss out on these special offers!


February 1 - 28
Deeply Discounted Outgoing Products!
*Online orders only

Clearance of old editions being updated.
New editions coming Spring 2011

WAS: Children's Lit A - ONLY $8

WAS: Children's Lit B - ONLY $8 (Early buyers will get a free copy of Shiloh)

WAS: Short Stories - ONLY $8

WAS: American Lit - ONLY $8

WAS: American Docs - ONLY $8

WAS: British Lit - ONLY $8

CC Cycle 3 Memory Work Resource CD - ONLY $5

Also, 2011 Classical Conversations Catalogs are in our warehouse!!!
Go to the www.classicalconversationsbooks.com to request one and start saving today!

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